HealthyPetslife.comThe concept of HealthyPetsLife is the earnest efforts of Life’s Abundance and the passionate zeal of Dr. Jane Bicks, a renowned veterinarian who has specialized in developing all natural pet products for pets as product formulator for Life’s Abundance. Being an ardent animal lover, Dr. Jane Bicks has expanded her passion by extending pet business opportunities to other pet professionals seeking to join such a rewarding line of work.

Assisting in her endeavor is Josh Wallach, an alumnus of the University of Delaware, changed careers from hotel management to follow his passion towards pet health and nutrition. Belonging to a loving animal family himself, Josh, the proud son of Dr. Marc Wallach, owner of University Animal Hospital in New York, has been an executive representative of HealthyPetNet since 2004. He has actively engaged himself in marketing for the company, attracting passionate pet lovers, with his outstanding enthusiasm and outgoing demeanor.


Soumyajit Sarkar, fondly known as “Papu,” is a passionate animal lover and a talented web designer, hailing from West Bengal, India. The creative genius behind the artistic designs and layout of HealthyPetsLife since the last five years, Papu has wholeheartedly contributed to the ongoing success of the company, by offering his expertise in all fields possible.

Each team member at HealthyPetsLife holds within them an undying passion for pets, which drives them towards expanding their horizon by marketing pet products, making the world a healthy place for our lovable pets.