The amount of protein is not always the issue. It is the quality of the protein that matters. Not all protein is equal. Some protein sources in pet food are of poor quality and highly indigestible. An example of poor quality protein sources could be Corn, Soy, Wheat, By-Products. We recommend you avoid these ingredients. Although your pet food could have as much as 35% protein, if only half of that is digestible, then your pet is suffering. First, your pet is lacking in proper protein levels that help build muscle and tissue. Second, your pet’s kidneys can be overworked by having to process such crude protein sources, and could even fail. The answer is not always to raise or lower the protein. The answer often times is to raise the quality and digestibility of the protein. Our protein sources are as pure as they come. They include – Chicken Meal (this is pure meat, not leftovers), Whole Egg (100% usable and digestible protein), and Farm Raised Catfish Meal.