What are By-Products?

By-Products can include heads, feet, beaks, feathers, bone, etc. By definition, by-products do not have to contain any meat whatsoever. Basically, by-products are the left overs of animal carcasses and end up in pet foods. I ask you, is this an ingredient fit for a “Premium” pet food. We think not. By-products also contain protein, but it is highly indigestible. This helps makes up the percentage of protein in the Guaranteed Analysis on your pet food label. But since it is indigestible, what amount of protein is your pet really getting? Shoe leather has protein too, but would we feed it to our pets!

Your food has Chicken Meal. Isn’t Chicken better than Chicken Meal?

Actually, No. By definition, Chicken can include the skin, bone, fat, and water. Our Chicken Meal is just meat. The water is drained and the fat, bones, and skin are removed. This gives your pet a pure meat source.

If Life’s Abundance is Complete and Balanced, why do you sell a Supplement?

We know that some dogs require additional nutritional intake to help them maintain a healthy body, due to age, breed, environment and other factors. Based on this premise, our holistic veterinarian has formulated a brand new formula to enhance your dog’s daily diet. The perfect complement to a healthy diet, Life’s Abundance Wellness Food Supplement for Dogs is formulated with a broad array of naturally nutritious ingredients from real food to help maintain overall health. The nutrients contained in this superior supplement are sourced from foods, like poultry liver, cranberries, carrots, eggs, pineapples and many others.

What is Autoship?

By going on auto-ship you can pay wholesale prices saving you up to 20% off the retail price. Get Automatic Shipments at the frequency you choose. You can cancel or update your auto-ship order at any time just check the
auto-ship box and choose your auto-ship frequency during checkout.

If you are an existing customer, you can change your auto-ship order online or by calling 1-877-387-4564 [Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM ET]. Money Saving Tip: If you choose to go on a monthly auto-ship, you may want to double your order and go on an 8-week auto-ship to SAVE on shipping expenses.

Where can I find a Life’s Abundance Coupon Code?

Although there is an option to enter a coupon code during checkout, there are no current coupons. If you would like to be a wholesale customer and save up to 20% off the retail price, please Contact Us to become a wholesale customer prior to your first order with your name and phone number or call 516-316-5705 and I will enroll you as a wholesale customer.

We also have Life’s Abundance Gift Certificates. With no hidden fees and no expiration dates, recipients can redeem these Gift Certificates for any products on the Life’s Abundance web site.

Why can’t I find Life’s Abundance in my local Pet Store?

Life’s Abundance Premium Pet Foods is not sold in stores. We ship directly to your door. On average, your food is delivered within 6 weeks of being made. Also, this limits the number of parties that must handle your pet’s food. Our products go straight from our facility to your home.

Why is Life’s Abundance priced higher than my current brand?

We do not believe in sacrificing quality for the price. Which would you rather eat, a Filet Mignon or a fast food hamburger? The answer is obvious, but which cut of meat costs more? The Filet Mignon. None of us, I hope, would make a steady diet of fast food because we realize the possible long term effects. Our animals are no different. They eat the same food 95% of the time. If it is equal to “cheap, fast food”, then they will eventually pay a larger price with regard to health concerns.

We would rather see your pet eating right from day one, and avoid costly health issues later. Also, what most people do not realize is that you may feed as much as 50% less of Life’s Abundance than other commercial pet foods because it is so nutrient dense.

My dog / cat requires lower protein. Are Life’s Abundance protein levels right for my dog / cat?

The amount of protein is not always the issue. It is the quality of the protein that matters. Not all protein is equal. Some protein sources in pet food are of poor quality and highly indigestible. An example of poor quality protein sources could be Corn, Soy, Wheat, By-Products. We recommend you avoid these ingredients. Although your pet food could have as much as 35% protein, if only half of that is digestible, then your pet is suffering. First, your pet is lacking in proper protein levels that help build muscle and tissue. Second, your pet’s kidneys can be overworked by having to process such crude protein sources, and could even fail. The answer is not always to raise or lower the protein. The answer often times is to raise the quality and digestibility of the protein. Our protein sources are as pure as they come. They include – Chicken Meal (this is pure meat, not leftovers), Whole Egg (100% usable and digestible protein), and Farm Raised Catfish Meal.

I have a white haired dog and I am concerned about tear stains in the eyes. Why does this happen and will your food help?

Life’s Abundance pet foods will not produce tear stains in your pet’s eyes. Many people mistake the reason for the red colored tear stains in their dogs’ eyes with the ingredient “Beet Pulp”. This, however, is not the problem. Beet Pulp is a tremendous fiber source. The Beet Pulp used in Life’s Abundance products are “Grey Beets”, not red. Also, the sugar is totally removed. All that is used in our foods is the pulp (fiber).