Options for Radon Testing

There are several options available for radon testing. EPA recommends placing the testing device in the lowest level of a home, such as a basement or unfinished living space. For the best results, the test should be done in a room that is regularly used. Avoid conducting radon testing in a hallway, kitchen, or bathroom. This is an entirely subjective decision that should be made explicit by both the buyer and seller.

A home with a low radon level can be safe, but the results can be inaccurate or require a follow-up test. If the results are too high or too low, it’s best to schedule a long-term follow-up test. These tests will determine the average radon concentration over the course of ninety days. This is more accurate, as it takes into account fluctuations in radon concentration over time.

If you are planning to sell your home, you should have radon testing done before the sale. Although radon is a natural gas, it can seep into a building through its groundwater supply and enter through cracks and wall cavities. Some of these openings can be used to drain and sump pumps, which can let the gas into the house. You should also make sure that the radon reduction system is operating properly throughout the test.

While radon testing is not complicated, a properly performed test can yield inaccurate results and require a second test. In addition, tampering with test devices or interfering with the closed-house environment can invalidate the test results. In some states, it’s even illegal to tamper with the closed-house conditions. Ensure that the radon tester follows these guidelines. Some devices have minimum exposure times of up to 48 hours.

A radon test can determine radon levels. The EPA recommends that homes with high radon levels to fix the problem. Taking a radon test will allow you to get a report on the health risks associated with radon. You should also keep your radon test results for a year before selling your home. These documents will help the buyer understand the radon levels in your home.

If a radon test is not performed within this time period, then it’s not a good idea to give the test results to the buyer. It’s not always possible to detect radon levels in a timely fashion. However, the test results can help you decide on whether to fix a home. The US SURGEON GENERAL has determined that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer. A radon report can help you decide if you should fix the problem or not.

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